Posted on: September 16, 2008 9:54 am

Tony Romo's Tight End

I love watching Tony Romo's tight end.

You love watching Tony Romo's tight end.

There can't be a football fan alive that doesn't enjoy watching Tony Romo's tight end marching down the field.

Tony Romo's tight end is clearly one of the best in the league.

Tony Romo's tight end is almost as big of a star as he is.

Not too many people's tight ends can compare to the greatness of Tony Romo's.

Yes, that Jason Witten is pretty damn good...
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Posted on: September 11, 2008 11:46 pm
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It must be so tough being a millionaire athlete, Vince Young has it so hard...I guess he's the only person in NFL history to have any kind of pressure put on him.

I know that instead of being, you know, a man and facing your problems, running away from them is sooo much better...especially when it (obviously) goes public and you're labeled soft and suicidal, good move, dumbs**t!

His mommy had to issue a statement for him that he's "Hurting inside and out"...awww poor Vince, your millions should get you over it.

You chose to play football, you f**k! Remember that draft you made yourself eligible for? If you are a p***y and can't handle losing, get the f**k out, otherwise be a man and get the f**k over it...I know it's hard for someone as dumb as him to get it, (6 of 50 on the Wonderlic) but it's quite simple...

...somehow Andre Ware got over it, go talk to him..
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